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Intensive Outpaient Treatment

Substance Abuse Services

DBT informed treatment of Addiction

Research shows that DBT is effective at reducing substance abuse.

Our focus is on the development of behavioral skills such as:

  • Mindfulness - being aware of one's actions.

  • Interpersonal effectiveness - learning how to say no and still maintain self-respect as well as important relationships with other people.

  • Distress tolerance - learning how to cope with difficult situations.

  • Emotional regulation - gaining control over emotions that led to destructive decisions in the past.


Skills Training

Skills training includes group sessions that enhance your ability to change negative behaviors. A therapist leads the sessions and teaches you life skills. You are also required to complete homework assignments. The group meets weekly for about 3 hours for 16 weeks. The sessions may be periodically repeated if you need to be in the program for up to one year.


Individual Therapy

 The individual therapy sessions emphasize helping you stay motivated to continue your treatment and teaching you how to apply the skills you are learning to actual events and daily challenges you face such as avoiding drug-seeking behavior. The individual sessions are once a week for the duration of the program and run simultaneously with the group meetings.


Therapists are available to offer you live coaching when you are facing a difficult situation, such as a relapse. More specifically, you can call your therapist outside of normal session time to receive coaching when you are in dire need of help.

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